Questions for The Style Ranger Gals - Meet Felice!

1. If you could raid one woman's closet, who's would it be?

Lady Gaga's closet would be a spectacle, but I would rather want to view her closet as a gallery.  Anna Winter's closet however... I wouldn't know where to start- or stop.  Anna Winter's collection of timeless, and expensive sophistication would be the ultimate raid.

 @felicedana on Instagram

@felicedana on Instagram

2. Heels or Flats?

I love my vans, flats all day. (pictured right)

3. If you could give any style advice to your past self, what would it be? 

The Carrie Bradshaw look is cute..but too much Carrie gets hairy.

4. What's a trend you wish would never return?

Sparkles, glitter, and embellishments of any kind I personally try to steer clear of. 

5. How would you describe your personal style?

I will always be in jeans.  I am a freak ABOUT denim! In the past year, the distressed denim trend has definitely grown on me- widening my denim repertoire even further. 

6. One thing that sets Range apart is its ability to bring the cool of California together with the charm of the South. Which of the two best fits your style? 

Clearly California cool because it IS ANOTHER TOP FASHION MECCA LIKE MY HOMETOWN, new york city. 

 @felicedana on Instagram

@felicedana on Instagram

7. What does it mean to be a woman today, to you? 

A multi-tasking superhero.

8. With sprinG approaching soon, what trends are you looking forward to this upcoming season? 

Graphic Tees and white, frayed denim.  I am also ready for open toed sandals and wedges.

9. If you could only accessorize with one piece for the rest OF your life, what would it be?

My watch(es)!! My iPhone is most definitely NOT my  time machine... My hubby and I share the same passion for time pieces, and he loves to spoil me with a fabulous collection. 

10. What are some tips you'd give to busy moms looking to vamp up their style?

 Esseutesse sneakers

Esseutesse sneakers

A great piece of jewelry, preferably a necklace, or a go-to accessory. For example, my Italian, fringe sneakers jazz up any outfit and could not be more perfect for the active lifestyles WE moms lead. 

11. What is your guilty pleasure? 

Gummy bears and Crystal Light...  Reeses..... I can only think of food, I must be hungry!

12. They say you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of their purse, what is in your purse right now?

I have everything in my purse, everything. A nail file, a variety headache medicine, tissues, snacks, and I have a little baggie filled with all my rewards cards (Yes, I do use most of them). I even carry a wallet solely for my gift cards. 

13. What is your all-time favorite travel destination? 

Anywhere with sunshine and sandy beaches.. The Hamptons, Aruba, but I would never turn my nose up to Santorini!

14. We know that balancing work & home-life can be stressful, so what are some ways you like to unwind?

I work out at Stellar Bodies, and I love a good Flywheel class. A simple walk or run around Chastain is a go-to unwind for me.


 felice with Range owner, sabrina davis. 

felice with Range owner, sabrina davis. 

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