About Range

Every girl has one friend who’s closet they’d kill to raid. Sabrina Davis is that kind of friend and she decided to open the doors on her impeccable taste through Range Boutique in Buckhead – one of Atlanta’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Opened in September 2007, in the same space as it’s in-store bead and jewelry shop, Brina Beads, Davis welcomes everyone to the California Southern Style boutique, where every four to six weeks she curates a tightly-edited combo of dresses, tops and T’s that can take you from a casual work day, to weekends, to a night our on the town in utmost style. Featuring mostly Los Angeles-based designers intermixed with local Atlanta designers, Davis hand-picks each and every piece of clothing in the store and has used her California style of dressing to influence Atlanta's most savvy & sassy shoppers.

With Range serving as an exclusive carrier of the majority of the labels on its rack, and with limited quantities of each item, Davis is the go-to-girl for finding original ensembles that are often times comfortable with a bit of sexy, too. She and her staff are super upfront with and effortlessly can guide guests to outfits that suit their figures, budgets and lifestyles. Their clothing is perfect for everyday living or what Davis coined “The Runway We Call Life.”

Range’s customers are Style Rangers and are described as women who enjoy life to the fullest and look effortlessly chic doing it! The women she works with have busy schedules raising children, working a full time job, volunteering to make the world a better place or running their own business (often times a combination of many of these). They want to look fabulous, feel comfortable, be age appropriate in what they wear and know that they are being styled for what their daily life entails. That’s what Range is all about!

Meet sabrina davis 

Born and raised in Miami Beach, FL., Davis grew up with an extraordinarily fashionable mother and four very creative sibling. She lived in Los Angeles for six years after college before moving to Atlanta to be closer to her family. In 2003, she opened Brina Beads to the delight of its Buckhead neighborhood, and has since created a name-and-niche for herself and the city’s fashion set. In 2007 she decided to bring California’s relaxed, cool style to the Southern woman via Range Boutique. She formulates the perfect mix of west coast cool with the Southern charm women in Atlanta are known for, and wow has it been a hit!   

Fashion-forward, tasteful, endearing. Davis is everything a boutique owner should be, and then some. She’s honest, sincere and interested in the way you look. Range makes choosing what to wear an easy decision, and Davis and her team are committed to keeping it this way for seasons to come.

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